Monday, July 30, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: Olympic Style

It's Muffin Tin Monday! 

Wow! I looked at the last time I posted and it was quite some time ago. This month has been crazy. We've been traveling every single weekend and so Mondays are usually spent unpacking and catching up on we can pack up again! I've actually missed doing the Muffin Tin Lunches with Alex! She requested one on Friday and since it was the day of Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics I went with it! (And I tried using a muffin tin but it was hard so I transferred it to a plate!)

We talked about the symbols of the Olympics and did some crafts as well. Each day this week I want to try to do something Olympic related. She's actually been watching them with us too. She is starting to recognize landmarks on the TV like "Buckyham Palace!" It's fun watching the games with her!

Here is the lunch that I made her followed by a few of the activities 
The Olympic Torch at the top made out of a mini ice cream cone and strawberry
Olive Wreath made out of green peppers
An Olympic medal made out of a banana slice and red licorice
The flag of England made of American cheese 
The Olympic Rings in the middle made out of blueberries, chocolate chips, a strawberry, a banana, and peas

We made an Olympic torch, the rings, and a javelin made out of straws. 

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Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom

I love the banana gold medal! Great job and as always thanks for participating. Love having you. :)


Thanks!! I love participating! I always look forward to seeing what everyone else makes too.

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