Monday, March 26, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday in March at My Mom's

How's that for some alliteration? This weekend I traveled with the kids up to my mom's house and since we are leaving on Monday and won't be around for lunch I did a muffin tin breakfast (but I actually did it on Sunday morning). I was trying to decide whether to do an early Easter tin or a Spring tin and my sister said I should do a lion and a lamb...and it was a great idea! March normally comes in like a lion and out like a lamb but here in PA this year it seemed to come in like a lamb and out like a lion! We had warmer temps throughout March (or above normal for this time of year - just this past week we were in shorts because it was 80 degrees!) but not it's back to it's normal self and ending with 40's, 50's and some low 60's. 

So for the Muffin Tin Meal I made a lion made out of a pancake with a strawberry mane. I added 2 chocolate M&M's for eyes and a strawberry nose and mouth. I know it doesn't look too ferocious but it was yummy! Then I made the lamb out of a pancake, whipped cream for the wool, and blueberry eyes and a banana nose and mouth. On the side she has a cup of syrup, pineapple, and blueberries. Can you take one guess at what she ate first????? If you guessed whipped cream you were right! I mean, what kid wouldn't dive into that first??? I sure would! 

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What a cute lion and lamb! I will definitely have to try this! Thanks for sharing!


Aren't they cute. What a neat idea!


Love that lion. M&M's for breakfast...Yummmy!

JDaniel4's Mom

This is super cute! I love your lion and lamb!


Thanks, everyone. I guess there's nothing wrong with M&M's and whipped cream for breakfast every now and then. =)

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