Monday, February 6, 2012

Animal Muffin Tin Lunch
It's Muffin Tin Monday! For more awesome lunches go to Muffin Tin Mom

This week was one of those weeks where I kind of had to scrounge around the fridge and pantry to see what food I could come up with because we really need to go grocery shopping! But I was able to find some things to make a few animals for Alexandra in her lunch. Actually it's her second lunch. A few hours earlier we ran through a drive through since we were out and about at the library and running some errands.

When I placed the lunch in front of her I asked her to name the animals (to see if they actually looked like an animal to her). She named the penguin, butterfly, goldfish, starfish, and she called the bear a lion. She didn't know what the caterpillar was- I guess next time I'll have to add a face and feet. Also, when she was eating the bear she told me it needed feet. Ha. 

So here is the lunch: Do you think the animals resemble what they are supposed to be???? I hope so! 

Top Row: 
goldfish  (obviously!), bear, a butterfly

Bottom Row:
Penguin, starfish, and the caterpillar ( I tried adding little straw antennae - guess that didn't work!) 


JDaniel4's Mom

Your animals are so cute! What a great tin idea!


Very cute tin! I have to scrounge around a lot for MTMs, but mine never turn out as cute as that one!!

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom

mkay. That butterfly is out of control cute!


Thank you all for the nice comments! I think I enjoy making these lunches just as much as Alex loves eating them!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

What a cute animal compilation! I really like the butterfly.

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