Monday, January 16, 2012

A Winter Muffin Tin

Today is Monday so that means it's Muffin Tin Lunch Day! Alex usually is asking for one at 10 am but since I didn't mention it to her this morning  was able to actually make one and serve it to her at lunch time! Plus, this past weekend we went grocery shopping so I actually had some options to make her a lunch instead of just finding bits and pieces of food in the fridge and pantry to throw in a muffin tin. So for this lunch I did a winter theme. Here in PA the past two days the temps have been in the 30's and windy....but there is no snow on the ground. It feels like penguins could be walking around out there so I thought it would be nice to do a winter lunch. 

Alexandra ate all of it but she didn't want to eat the olives on the penguin. She did take t he cream cheese out and eat it though! But a few weeks ago she was eating olives off of her fingers. I guess she's fickle. Also I gave her milk in a dessert glass with a straw and she said to me "Mom, only mommies and daddies drink from glass, not little girls!!!" True, she has always used a plastic cup but I told her it was ok because I was out in the kitchen watching. And the igloo was just decoration, although it is made out of marshmallows stuck to an egg carton. I gave her a few marshmallow "snowballs" because I thought that would be mean to taunt her with marshmallows and then not let her eat any. She would eat a whole bag if I let her. 

Here is what is in her winter lunch:
Top left: milk, large snowballs (american cheese), and a  snowflake (a cinnamon and sugar tortilla crisp)
Bottom row: Snow with sparkles (vanilla yogurt and blue sprinkles), a penguin on snowballs (olives, cream cheese carrots), and another crispy tortilla snowflake. To learn how to make them see this post.

To see other muffin tin lunches for inspiration go to Muffin Tin Mom


JDaniel4's Mom

What beautiful lunch! I love your snowflakes!


Thanks! You can also make them with confectioner's sugar but I just used cinnamon and sugar.

Sugary Flower

I like the snowflakes, they're cool. I love those olive penguins too - I used to make them with yoghurt (which is a mess) because Madam would not eat cream cheese. She still won't, but I think it's time to try to lure her onto it with olive penguins!!


The penguin is adorable! I'm going to have to try making one of those!! It's funny how kids like food in one form, and not in another, or like them one day and then not another... That's why I rarely worry about it. I find that if I don't make a big deal out of it... they will try it again another time, on another day and don't start to build up associations about not liking certain foods.


@ Sugary Flower - thank you! I never thought to use yogurt for the penguins. Hopefully she'll like cream cheese since it seems like kids' tastes change all of the time. At this point if I gave Alex a spoon and a tub of cream cheese she would eat it all!!!!


@Julie - Thanks for the nice comment. I found the penguins online through Pinterest and thought they were super cute too! And they were pretty easy to make! I'll try again with the olives. I agree - some days the kids like certain foods and other days they don't.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

This is so cute! I just love your snowflakes.


I just found your blog through "Moms like Me" blog. I love this idea. We are definately not at the stage of eating a lunch like this (my son is only 7 months old) but, I really love the ideas. You can see my blog, just about becoming a new sahm and my adventures in the kitchen.
I've just recently started posting's hard when you have a baby who needs your attention. It's a work in progress but, I'm hoping that I can work on making it just as interesting and neat as yours. Thanks


@Lisa - Thank you! Super easy to make!! And easy is what I like!

@A - thank you for the nice comment. I just bookmarked your blog. I always enjoy reading blogs of other stay at home moms. I have a son too who is 10 months old. I post more info about him on my family blog - there is a link on the sidebar. I look forward to reading your blog (of course when the kiddos are in bed! Hard to sit down and read with two kids under 4! I'm glad you are able to get some ideas through my blog!

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