Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

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This week for Muffin Tin Monday we are at Little Bug's Nona's house (my mom's house). We are on a mini vacation away from home this week but that didn't stop us from having a muffin tin meal on Monday. In fact, I decided to do a muffin tin breakfast instead for something different and so my mom and  I brainstormed things we could make her - luckily for us Nona had a variety of breakfast foods in her house.  I also decided on Sunday night at about 11:45 PM that I wanted to make mini pancakes after seeing little cute pancakes on a stick bookmarked on one of my Pinterest boards. (By the way if you've never seen this site you should check it out - it's awesome!)

So there I stood at the griddle almost at midnight excitedly making these pancakes thinking Little Bug would love them. And she did. Perhaps she loved the syrup more - she loves to dip foods. Here was what we came up with for her Muffin Tin Breakfast.

Top Row: Mini pancakes, syrup to dip, blueberry toast (and a cute little glass for serving OJ - that was transferred to a plastic cup about 5 minutes later!)
Bottom Row: fruit kabobs, yogurt with whipped cream and sprinkles, dry cheerios
If she is dipping food she is a happy camper!


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