Monday, June 20, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

Mondays sure do come quick. I thought about doing a muffin tin breakfast for Little Bug (because she asked for a muffin tin at 8 am) but she said she wanted a muffin tin lunch. Then she comes up to me around noon as I was feeding Little Monkey with a bag of pretzels and a peanut butter to go container wanting a snack so I thought it was time to feed the kid! Of course she is an instant gratification kind of girl at almost age 3 and she went at sat at the table waiting for her lunch asking me every couple of minutes if it was ready. This one took a little longer because I made her a cheese quesadilla. She LOVES cheese and actually will just eat tortillas plain without being cooked. She's never really eaten a quesadilla before but I thought it would be perfect - and it was a hit.

 Top row: apples, peanut butter, pretzels
Bottom row: quesadillas, pears and peaches, a few more quesadillas

After she ate the pretzels I put some salsa in that cup for her to dip her quesadillas. I asked her if she liked it and she said yes (but had a weird face on as she ate it). She probably said she liked it just because I said I did! 

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JDaniel4's Mom

I would love to eat this for lunch! Dipping is such fun!

Sugary Flower

Yum - I want that lunch! My girl does that "ye-es, I do like it" with the I've-just-eaten-a-lemon face, too - so funny. Sometimes she really does like whatever it is, and asks for more. I think sometimes that face is just their knee-jerk reaction to something that's really new and different.

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