Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sight words and Monster Letter Muncher

Right now Alexandra is almost into her last month of preschool and over the past few months or so I've been working on some sight words with her. We continue to do activities to review letters and letter sounds but she she has pretty much mastered that (with the exception of occasionally mixing up lowercase b and d). I have done some sight word worksheets with her where she writes the word, finds the hidden word, and then cuts the word out and pastes it. She likes doing these worksheets but I am trying to incorporate more hands-on activities for her. We practice the words weekly although I'm definitely not consistent with doing it every day. But it's amazing to see her noticing words that she has learned in books. When we are reading at bed time I'll let her read the ones she knows and sometimes when she sees a word she doesn't know she says "Mom, let's practice that word next!" 

I just love her enthusiasm for learning! (and her concentration!) 

Sight Word Parking
For this activity I said a word and Alex had to "park" the car in the parking space that matched the word I said. So simple and easy and she asked to do it about 3 or 4 times in a row. Another favorite of hers is "Whack-a-sight word" (not pictured.) For that activity she uses an inflatable hammer that we bought at an amusement park and has to hammer the sight word that I call out. Again, we do this over, and over, and over.

One time I wanted to move on to another activity and said we should stop and her reply was: "Mom, we are practicing words you know!" I said "I know, you're having fun....." (but it was getting rather old for me...I was ready to move on!) But we continued on because after all, it's not about me.

Monster Letter Muncher

Next up, was the Monster Letter Muncher. I found this idea at My (Not So) Elementary Life

I printed out the template on colored card stock and then cut a hole in a fly swatter (not used for flies!) that I had from my classroom and we instantly had a Monster Muncher. We started out by munching letters but in the future we will use it to "munch" on sight words too 

What sight word activities do you do with your kids? 


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