Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter C Activities

Each week as Alex is in Pre-K she is focusing on a letter of the week. We've worked plenty on letters and their sounds so many of these activities are a review but the extra practice always helps her to retain all of the information. So last week Alex was doing the Letter C so we did Letter C activities at home too.

First we started off by doing a letter C hunt. Alexandra went into the playroom and tried to find things that began with the letter c. She found a cow, a cupcake, a cup, a candle, the letter C, and a car.

Then she did letter C activities on

One of my favorite Halloween treats begins with C: Candy Corn! So we did some candy corn counting....and ate a little too! (but by the time we got to 5 she said she had enough because it was so sweet!)
We used the letter C mat to make the letter C using playdoh

Then she made a Letter C book 

 She cut out the pages  - look at that concentration (tongue out!)
 She practiced writing the letter C
 After working on the letter C we worked on the word of the day: And
 I made her this page for her - to trace, color, and make the word and
After the worksheet she practiced writing the word in colored salt
 Finally as a treat she decorated a mini cake. I had made a cake for a friend's birthday and I had some leftover cake and icing left.


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