Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

I love Mozzarella Sticks. It's one of those appetizers that if it's on a menu I always debate getting them because they are soooo good! I've seen some recipes on Pinterest for fried mozzarella balls that were baked but after reading some comments the general consensus seemed to be that they ended up flat instead of in balls. So I thought why not try doing a whole mozzarella stick? I also decided that I was going to fry them instead of bake them. Sure, they are not as healthy I guess but I only made two so I felt a little better about it. (I only had 2 mozzarella sticks but I think I may need to make a trip to get some more because they turned out so good!!!)

So here is what you need:
Mozzarella string cheese
FEB for frying (Flour, egg, breadcrumbs - I used a combo of Panko and Italian seasoned)
oil for frying (I used vegetable oil but I would also use peanut oil in my deep fryer)
Sauce for dipping

On the stove top fill a skillet part way with oil. Turn it on medium high. I didn't use a thermometer,  I just tested my oil by putting the handle of a wooden spoon into the oil and when it bubbles at the handle it's ready. I also have a deep fryer with peanut oil but these seriously take about 2-3 minutes to fry. That also means that they kept their shape too!

Dip the sticks in the flour and shake off the excess.
Then dip in egg and then into the breadcrumbs. I double dipped in the egg and breadcrumbs to make them extra crunchy.

When they are golden brown on all sides take them out and enjoy! Mine turned out so good and the cheese was oooey gooey just like I wanted them!


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