Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The ABC Book by Dr. Seuss and Letter Matching

This week of course we are doing Dr. Seuss activities since his birthday is Friday. There are just so many neat and cute ideas out there but I decided that instead of trying to conquer 20 different activities I would pick 1 book a day and do an activity with each book. So today we read Dr. Seuss's ABC and as I was reading the book Alexandra found foam letters, put them on an alphabet sheet that I got from the awesome Dr. Seuss packet found at Oopsey Daisy.

Alexandra already knows her alphabet but the extra practice doesn't hurt and she enjoyed the matching game.

 This is the Alphabet Stamping printable that I found at Oopsey Daisy

 We used foam letters that I had in my stash of my teaching supplies. You could also use dot paints, stickers, rubber stamps, or whatever else works for you. 

 Camden wanted to get into the action. I had to put his pacifier in because I knew he wanted to eat those letters!!

 He lasted a good 10 minutes before he tried putting them in his mouth. I was pretty impressed.

After reading the ABC book we played The Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That" game. It's a cute game where you try to complete crazy tasks using Dr. Seuss props. You select a 1, 2, and 3 card and put them together like a puzzle to reveal your task. One of the tasks may be "Take 4 Giant Steps, with mother's new gown, under your chin". The cards with the number 1 tell you what you will do. Cards with a 2 on them tell you the prop you will use. Cards with a number 3 tell you where you will position the prop. It's a silly game to play and fun to watch. 
 The game setup: Just props and cards! Super easy! 

 Here are three numbered cards put together to reveal the task 

Here she is taking her 4 giant steps, with mother's new gown, under her chin - this one was pretty simple! 


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