Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frosty the Snowman, Cheerios, and Bananas on the Cob

Since it's January I thought that I would start doing some snow/winter/penguin activities with Alexandra (and really other than some flurries yesterday we haven't even seen the white stuff since October!) I know it's early but maybe this winter will be mild (with snow accumulations anyways) as compared to last year. At this point last year we already had a foot of snow on the ground. This year we had a dusting a few days before Halloween,which was odd in itself because we had leaves still on the trees and a dusting of snow on the ground. But anyways, I found this cute idea to make a snowman out of marshmallows and so Alex made that. And she ate some marshmallows in between and kept asking "Can I have just one more?" about a trillion times. 

To do this activity I drew a snowman and then outlined it with glue. Alex then stuck on marshmallows on it and she glued on some googly eyes and I drew some arms and legs. She also colored a hat for him to wear and of course she was telling me that maybe when we put on his hat he will dance off the page (referring to the song).  

When we were done we did some counting using cheerios. Today I guess we had a food theme going on! She grouped the cheerios just like in the book Cheerios Count to 100 (a book I had from my classroom for the 100th day of school)

Then for some fine motor work I stuck a medium skewer into a banana and she put the cheerios onto the skewer. And then of course we ate the cheerios and she ate the banana next. I made a few more banana "pops" and put them into the freezer with the intentions of having her dip them in chocolate for a chocolate frozen banana treat. Well she asked every ten minutes if they were frozen and finally I told her to just go and eat them if she wanted to. And her response was "These bananas on the cob sure are yummy!"  Bananas on the cob. That gave me a chuckle.


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