Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ok....I'm a Slacker.....But At Least I Admit It!

So I remember way back (it feels way back anyways) at the beginning of December when I had this grand idea of doing our Advent Calendar for Christmas and taking pictures each day. Well we have been doing the calendar but I've been slacking with the pictures. Although, in my defense, some activities were things like "Look under the tree for a new Christmas book" and I didn't have my camera on  hand to get Alex's reaction. I just said to myself ,  "Ok next time I'll have my camera" and of course next time came and did I? That's a big fat no! Although I guess I do have a lot on my plate trying to take care of her and Camden, who is 9 months and into EVERYTHING! But then again I read blogs out there and the moms are definitely, or seem like, supermoms who can do it all!

So since I don't have pictures here are some of the things that we have done with our Advent Calendar:

Made Christmas Treats - Alex is a good  helper. I even taught her to crack an egg!
Went to see Santa - actually her dad took her to do that!
Made some homemade Christmas ornaments (salt dough and ball ornament)
Watched a Christmas movie with popcorn
She got a Rudolph Christmas puzzle (Love the dollar spot at Target!)
Went to Candy Lane in Hershey, PA

And there are a few more to come:
Drive around and look at Christmas lights (maybe we'll do that tonight)
Leave Cookies for Santa
Make Reindeer Food

I've also switched numbers around. I would always tell her to find a number but depending on our schedule I would re-arrange activities...hey she can't read yet because she's only 3 so I can get away with that! When she is 6 I'll have to be more consistent!

But anyways, at least she is having a fun time doing the activities. That is the whole point!


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