Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tap Dancing

I don't know where I first saw this but I thought it would be perfect for my music loving daughter. Anything that has to do with music she loves. She has instruments she plays, a microphone she sings into, and she loves dancing. So I saw this idea for homemade tap shoes on the Internet but at this time I can't remember exactly where I first saw it. When I find the post that gave me the idea I will definitely link back. These tap shoes were super easy to make. And they were free to make. (And I love free!) 

All you do is take a pair of shoes and glue pennies to the bottom. Now I used a pair of her slippers that I thought probably won't fit her come winter so I didn't mind using them. I'd use an old pair of shoes because as I hot glued the pennies on I did find that I couldn't get the glue off (but the bottoms of the slippers were fabric. If they were rubber I bet the glue would come off). 

I used my glue gun and glued 8 pennies per slipper. Then she was ready to tap! They stayed on for a good while but the pennies did eventually fall off. I can keep gluing them on - but she took the pennies that fell off and put them in her and her brother's piggy bank.  I think she knows what she is doing. She probably is thinking...........yeah the pennies will keep "falling off" and then I'll put them in my bank and be rich! She really doesn't think that way but it wouldn't surprise me! That's why I didn't use quarters! Haha. 

 The bottom of the slipper - 4  pennies in the front and 4 in the back

 Tapping away
Dancing queen!


Mama Pea Pod

Dropping in through I Can Teach My Child. Cute idea! I have also done it using thumb tacks stuck into the bottoms of shoes (obviously with thicker soles). That way you can still take them out again afterwards.

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