Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Weather Week at Our House!

So this past week in PA we've has quite a weather week! Of course we've had our sunny days as is normal in August but we also had some weather that is not normal for our area - an earthquake aftershock, a hurricane, and a tornado warning!

On Tuesday I was feeding Little Monkey and Little Bug was joining us (as she is my shadow lately) and so all of the sudden our whole house shook! The chair I was sitting in, the windows, the walls, the closet, everything! At the time I was doing some laundry and I thought at first that it was just my washing machine getting off of the track because I was doing a bunch of towels. When the house shook it felt weird. Little bug said "Mommy what's that??? and hid under her blanket" My response: It's just the washer. Although I was wondering why on earth our whole house shook and thought......hmmm that's not right! It wasn't until I was done feeding him when I got a text from my sister asking about the earthquake. The WHAT?????? that's what it was. We just felt the earthquake that happened in Virginia. So that was a first (for all of us!)

Then on Saturday Hurricane Irene was making her way towards PA. We are about an hour and a half from all of the NJ, MD, and DE beaches so we were definitely going to have the high winds and heavy rain. We were in the 30-50 MPH wind gust range and got 5-10 inches of rain. Not sure of the exact amount but it was a lot! So in the midst of the hurricane at about 10:45 PM Saturday we were also under a tornado warning - meaning one had spotted. The emergency alert system came on saying it would be at neighboring areas at 11:00 PM. Scary. So we headed down to the basement and , well, we just ended up spending the night down there to ride out the storm. After the tornado warning we continued to have a watch until 5 am.

On Sunday I made a homemade anemometer, which measures the wind speed, and it worked! We still had major gusts of wind so it was really moving.

So needless to say I decided that talking about the weather with Little Bug would be a perfect fit for this week! Stay tuned for pictures of the activities that we are doing this week.

We got the instructions to make the anemometer from Weather Wiz Kids


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