Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Music

Little bug just LOVES music. Whether it is singing, dancing, or playing instruments she has a really fun time. We often have mini dance parties in our living room and she loves when I dance with her. It's fun but once I start dancing with her I keep hearing "Mommy do it again" over and over and over! I love dancing myself but when I dance with Little Bug I act goofy which is why she probably likes watching me dance so much! 

Little Bug has several instruments - a keyboard, an electronic drum pad, a tambourine, and maracas. I thought we could also make some instruments of our own. We used wine glasses filled with different levels of water for different notes and I added food coloring so that she could see the water level. She used the end of a plastic paintbrush to tap on the glasses and I showed her how to tap it very gently. I stood right by her, not only because she was tapping on glass but also because she was up on the counter doing it! 

Next week I think we may make some new instruments out of my empty spice containers and an oatmeal container so stay tuned! 

 It takes a lot of talent to play wine glass bells AND eat a dinosaur cookie! 

Here you can see the different water levels 


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