Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glue and Sprinkle Designs

Little Bug just loves doing crafty things and I do to..............but sometimes I don't always like the mess. When I would do crafty projects with my students when I used to teach first and second grade I never really used glitter - because again, that is just too messy! Sure, it's nice and sparkly and pretty but so hard to get rid of. I am sure Little Bug would just LOVE glitter. I'm positive she would. But I got to thinking and I thought that she loves sprinkles too. So why not substitute sprinkles for glitter?? And that's just what we did! 

So we ended up doing glue and sprinkle designs on paper plates. It's kinda like decorating cookies in a way - minus the cookie (which is better for me anyways because I LOVE cookies!) Basically I took a paper plate, used an Elmer's clear glue bottle and made a design on the plate with the glue. Next, I used colorful sprinkles (blue and red because it was around the 4th of July that we did this ) and sprinkled them over the glue. I did everything on a cookie sheet so that when we were done I could just throw the excess sprinkles into the trash.  Of course before I had the chance to do that Little Bug had her hands in the sprinkles eating them. While I started cleaning up she touched the glue (with sprinkles) on the plate and put that in her mouth (and quickly spit it out!!!) I guess she learned her lesson fast that we don't eat the glue.  (Come on I'm sure someone out there in their elementary years tried to eat some of the paste that teachers used to put in baby food jars!) 

Anyways, this was a quick, easy, and cheap craft for us - and I just love those kind!

 squirting the glue onto the plate 
 really pushing hard - those glue bottles make 3 year olds use their muscles! 
 adding blue sprinkles to her plate 
 and now the red
 this was my plate - the sprinkles actually end up melting into the glue
 and here is Little Bug's blob!
licking of a few sprinkles (plate with glue removed by this point!) 


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