Friday, July 29, 2011

Bubble Painting

I've actually done bubble painting before before Little Bug was even born. For a friend's bridal shower we went to Color Me Mine, which is a place where you can paint pottery, and we made her pieces of pottery for her house as gifts. I made a vase and used the bubble painting technique. I guess I just forgot about that way to paint until  I saw it recently on Meet the Dubiens .

I thought Little Bug would have a fun time bubble painting. I know I had fun when I did that 3 years ago. So we followed the directions and had a great time. It can get messy so you probably want to get the painting area ready first with an old tablecloth and a smock! I wasn't thinking when I kept Little Bug's clothes on - she didn't get too much on her shirt but as she was blowing the bubbles she blew a little too hard and paint got on her shirt and was speckled all over her arms and face! 

After that happened  I got smart and had her put on one of my old T-shirts from when I was a little kid. 
Next time we do this activity I will also use tempera paint. The only variety of colors I had were acrylic paints so we used those. The only other paints we have in the house now are watercolors, color wonder paints, and finger paints. So looks like I need to make a Michael's run! 

Little bug did a great job being careful and blowing bubbles. We practiced blowing bubbles before hand just to make sure that she wouldn't inhale the paint and dish detergent. It was a lot of trial and error our first time - several times we added more detergent and more paint to get a brighter color. 

 The supplies: water, paint, dish detergent, cups, and straws. We didn't use paper cups because of them getting soggy. We used plastic cups instead.
 Mixing up the paint, water, and soap
 Blowing bubbles (now with my old softball shirt on!)

 More bubbles and part of our painting

 Wow! Look at those bubbles!
To get the design below just put the paper over the bubbles and pop them (gently of course!)

Our final picture



My son would love this. Looks like you all had fun!


We did have lots of fun! I would have liked to do more but my 4 month old woke up from his nap. I try to activities with my 3 year old while he naps!

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