Monday, June 6, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

It's Monday again which means it's time to make a muffin tin meal. I usually do lunch because that always seems the easiest although today I was quite tired and almost, I said almost, didn't have the motivation to do it. I was trying to think of a theme and also wondering what I could put in it when the idea came to me. This morning we have been doing Letter R activities so we made a pasta rainbow and did a do-a-dot rainbow so I thought to myself that a rainbow lunch would be could I find 6 things with the different colors of the rainbow?  Luckily I did and I hope Little Bug will like it.  I keep telling myself that I will plan for the muffin tin lunch the night before but it just never seems to happen - I guess other things come up but I'm proud to say I'm still going strong after 4 weeks.

Here is my Muffin Tin Lunch for today:
It's a Rainbow lunch
red= pizza sauce with mozzarella cheese stick dippers
orange = goldfish and cheddar cheese bears
yellow = banana stars
green = grapes
blue = gogurt (would have loved to do blueberries but we are all out!)
purple = prunes



great work on the rainbow colors! and the mozzarella sticks in red sauce is awesome!

JDaniel4's Mom

What a wonderful rainbow! JDaniel loves yogurt in a tube.

sara d.

great rainbow!

ps....our pb&j isnt actually is half a sandwich with the crust cut off but into strips! :)


@w - the mozz sticks were the first thing Little Bug ate we love our Chef-Boy-ar-dee pizza sauce!

@JDaniel4's Mom - we keep the yogurt tubes in the freezer - Yum!

@Sara D - I see now how the sandwiches are strips but I think I am going to try a rolled sandwich!


Great job on the last minute rainbow! I almost didn't do MTM today either but put something together last minute.


It seems like all mine are last minute! I do want to plan sometime because I see so many cute ideas out there.

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