Sunday, March 30, 2014

Super Science Sunday

Today (actually the past two days) we've been stuck inside because it has been non-stop raining around here. Right now our county is under a Flood Advisory and Winter Weather Advisory on the second to last day of March. This isn't the start of Spring that I imagined.

This weekend we've played with all of the toys, watched movies cuddled up on the couch, and today we decided to do some science experiments per Alex's request.

Alex has always been a curious kid. Recently though she's been asking a ton of questions about life in general, how things work, etc. In fact, tonight our dinner conversation was about how cars actually work and how electricity works. Our recent conversations have been about things like Chemistry, chemical reactions, and the elements of the Periodic Table.  I was having flashbacks to 7th grade Chemistry trying to explain to my 5 year old about molecules and chemical reactions.

I told her that when she's older she can take Chemistry and do fun science experiments. She said "I can't WAIT to take Chemistry!!!!!" (I can't wait either when she's asking me for help with her homework....eeek!)

Anyways, the point is, she loves learning about everything and although they are simple we did a few science experiments today that both kids loved.

The Baking Soda Volcano
baking soda
food coloring
dish detergent
empty plastic bottle
paper towels
cookie sheet

Place the plastic bottle on a cookie sheet (makes for easier cleanup).
Add baking soda to bottle using a funnel.
In a separate container mix some vinegar, a drop of  red food color, and a few drops of dish detergent
Add the vinegar mixture to the bottle and remove the funnel quickly!!

Elephant Toothpaste
4 oz. hydrogen peroxide (most recipes call for 6% - I used 3%)
2 oz. dish detergent
food coloring
plastic bottle
one packet of yeast
A cup of warm water to proof the yeast
cookie sheet/plastic container to hold the bottle

Add the yeast to a cup of warm water and stir to let it proof. Let it sit for a little bit
In the plastic bottle mix the hydrogen peroxide, the dish detergent, and a drop of food color.
Add the yeast and watch it rise!

Color Changing Milk Experiment
This was the first time we did this experiment. I didn't do a video but should have because the initial reaction was really funny. (Mine that is.....Chris continued to mock my oohs and ahhs for a good while after I did this experiment!!) I wasn't able to do a video the first time I did the experiment with the kids because I was trying to give directions to two kids and then try to stop Camden from coloring his whole body blue. So Alex and I re-created the experiment and I was able to take a video.

a dish with a lip on on (I used a small plate)
milk (I used my 2 percent - we did it several times....our organic milk is way to expensive to use!!)
two different colors of food coloring
dish detergent

Pour the milk onto a plate/dish
In the center of the milk squirt 3-4 drops of two different food colors
Stick a Q-tip in the middle but don't mix a lot (What happens?? Not much really - the colors may mix a tad)
Next, dip another Q-tip in dish detergent and stick it in the middle and watch what happens. Pretty Cool! 


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