Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plastic Easter Egg Activities

This morning when Camden was napping Alexandra and I did some activities with plastic Easter Eggs. She really enjoyed all of the activities but when asked which activity was her favorite she said the egg sounds activity. I asked her why and her response was "I love listening to sounds". I thought the answer would be that one because she got to eat the goldfish and cheerios!

Here are some of the activities we did this morning:

Plastic Egg Stamping
We just took plastic eggs, split them open, put some paint on paper plates and used the eggs like stamps. Then I made a flower using eggs and Alex wanted to make one too. 

 My flower 

Alex's - not too bad for a 3 year old! 

 Indoor Easter Egg Alphabet Hunt
Last weekend when all of the area egg hunts were supposed to take place of course it rained! So, we didn't make it to any. That didn't stop us from having our own. Actually, we've been  having egg hunts all week in our house. Today I hid the letters of Alex's name in the eggs and she found them and spelled her name. Then she did the same for me but picked random letters and then I lined them up and made words like in Boggle. 

Egg on a Spoon
I had Alex try to carry an egg on her spoon and put it into a basket. After that seemed easy for her I showed her how I could do it with the spoon in my mouth. Of course she was up for the challenge and after a few drops she made it over to the basket successfully and even was able to bend down, keeping the egg on her spoon as she dropped it in the basket. 

Guess the Sound in the Egg
For this activity I filled 5 plastic eggs with the following items: Kosher salt, cheerios, rice, an ice cube, and goldfish. I explained that she would shake the egg and match it to what she thought was in the egg. 

Shake, Shake, Shake

For this egg she found the ice cube. She guessed it right away because as she picked it up she said "I think this is the ice cube because it's shivering and the snacks aren't shivering cold!" 

Here are her guesses....she was wondering if she got them all correct

She opened the eggs to find out

Yes! She got them all right!!I told her she could eat the goldfish and cheerios but she stuck her hand in the salt and started licking it. Ewww! 


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