Monday, April 30, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday: Earth Day Revisited

It's Muffin Tin Monday!

This past week I pretty much didn't get anything done. My 1 year old started with a fever on Sunday and by Tuesday it was confirmed he had picked up Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease from another friend. So last Monday was spent with him in my arms either sleeping or crying. He got better but then Wednesday my daughter started with a fever. No Hand, Foot, and Mouth for her but she just wasn't feeling well for a day or two. On Wednesday I also picked up a sore throat and was totally out of commission because I felt like I got hit by a mack truck. Fever, chills, and throat so sore that by Saturday I went to an Urgent Care clinic to see if it was strep. Here it is on Monday and I am taking antibiotics and my throat is still slightly sore. But at least I have two healthy children now and I am able to get things done around here!

I had all intentions of trying to post last Monday about our Earth Day breakfast but it's very hard to type with a toddler in my arms! So today I'm going to share the breakfast we did last Sunday before any of the sickness hit!

So here is the breakfast I made: An earth pancake with a heart on top to show that we should love our Earth. The sun with mandarin oranges, a crispy flour tortilla tree, and the word recycle out of yogurt. Sorry that the picture is sideways...on my computer it was the right way and I can't seem to turn it around in this post.

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JDaniel4's Mom

What wonderful Earth Day meal! I love how your Earth came out!


Very creative post! Thanks for the Earth day inspiration. :)

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