Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Practicing Letters

I am always looking for fun ways for Little Bug to practice letters. I want to focus now on her learning to write some letters (she is only 3 but she can write her nickname as well as a few other letters) and I found a mess free but fun way for her to practice - using paint in a bag. As a kid I had this toy which I thought was so awesome and now that I think about it the toy had the same concept. As you pushed down on the paint, which was under a plastic cover, you could see through to the neon colors as you pressed down. The same thing happens with the paint bag. Press down hard enough and you can see through to the table. Then to "erase" your work just smooth over the paint.

I had to adjust the amount of paint several times. You really only need a very small amount of paint. I taped my ziploc bag shut so that the paint would not seep out of the top.

That day she also practiced matching the Uppercase letters with the Lowercase letters. When I say she knows/recognizes all of her letters I should say all of the Uppercase. Doing these activities showed me which Lowercase letters we need to practice. Of course she can identify the ones that look like their Uppercase letters but it looks like we'll be doing some more fun letter activities focusing on the Lowercase. 


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