Thursday, May 26, 2011

Planting Vegetables and Herbs

Alexandra told me that she wanted to plant some flowers. Well I am not really a green thumb and plants usually die when I try to grow them but I thought we could grow some pepper and tomato plants as well as some herbs on our deck. We live in a townhouse with a shared yard so we can't really go digging up the area so a deck garden will have to work. We got the peppers and tomatoes planted but I have yet to try to plant the herbs. After only a week or so they began sprouting. So each day we make sure to water them and keep them in the sun. All was going well until Little Bug decided to take some sand from her sand box and put it in the pepper plant. I thought it would stop it from growing but it seems to still be growing. We'll see how they do. Eventually we will have to move them from the small pot to a bigger one. I just hope we really do get some peppers and tomatoes!

Here are the plants we decided to plant 

Adding the seeds

Getting the soil ready 

After adding water to the soil we had to fluff it up

Pressing the seeds  into the soil 

Watering the plant 


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